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1. General Terms and Conditions

Customer Support service  it’s a tool of RPG-club “Russia” for providing free customer support on the project operations. Support staff are members of the Administration, unless indicated otherwise.

2. Functions of customer support service:

  • Consulting users on the following issues:

User accounts functioning

User accounts security

Game mechanics


Technical functionality

and others

  • Processing appeals against account bans
  • Processing game bugs and errors reports
  • Processing abusers/bot reports

3. Customer support is provided on the basis of a submitted ticket. Tickets 
are processed in queue upon receipt. The processing time may reach from several hours up to several days depending on the complexity of the problem and the overall workload of the support staff. 

4. When contacting the customer support service users are forbidden to:

  • Insult the Administration.
  •  Submit any information (messages, symbols, images.), not carrying a constructive content and preventing  the normal functioning of the support service or aimed at insulting the support staff.
  • Repeat/duplicate tickets, not carrying a constructive content service or aimed at insulting the support staff.
  • Pose threats of physical violence against other users or representatives of the Administration.
  • Attempts to mislead Administration in any way.

In case of violation of these rules, the ticket will be deleted, followed by permanent ban of game accounts.

5. Pre-paid premium account or considerable donation sums do not give a user any privileges. In case of account ban any paid services (premium account etc.) are not suspended nor compensated.


6. Complaints related to the in-game conflicts between players/groups of players are not processed by the Administration. The administration does not interfere with authentic gameplay.

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