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Registration e-mail recovery


Registration e-mail recovery

If you do not remember which e-mail address your account is registered to, you can request it from us. After checking the IP addresses, we will inform you of the registration e-mail address of your account.

If for any reason you do not have access to the e-mail address to which your account is registered

  • a non-existent / subsequently deleted e-mail address was specified during registration
  • you forgot the password for your e-mail address
  • you have lost control of your e-mail address

first of all, you should try to regain control over the registration e-mail address by means provided by your e-mail operator.

Registration e-mail hacked

If your e-mail was hacked, this does not give reason to change the registration e-mail address of the accounts linked to it. The security of your e-mail account is outside the scope of our responsibility, therefore, all claims for hacking and its consequences should be sent to the support service of the respective e-mail operator.

If the account registration e-mail is hacked, do not contact support until you restore full access to your e-mail and secure it properly:

1. Change the mailpassword to a unique one, which you do not and will not use anywhere else.

2. Check all data related to restoring access to it. Check/change security question.

3. If a mail account is linked to a backup e-mail address, make sure it was not changed. If you didn't set your backup mail, make sure the hacker didn't!

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