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Account security - important information

Solution Dear players!

We remind you that server administration or GMs will never ask for your account access information ingame, on forums or anywhere else.

If someone writes you ingame asking for your password - it is a scammer. Please immediately report such cases to the server administration via support helpdesk!

Login, password for game account and e-mail must be different. Never use the same words in your characters' nicknames.

Never use as password any personal information like birth date, telephone number etc. which is easy to find out.

If you are interested in your account security, please, take this message seriously!

There have been a lot of account hacks recently, which the administration cannot protect you from, as these are users’ e-mails that have been hacked.
Do you want to lose your e-mail, which contains your game account registration info let alone much more confidential information about you ?
You need only FEW MINUTES to secure your account from this.

Change passwords for your e-mail and account for UNIQUE ones and never use them anywhere else.

Every day we use the same preferred password for registrations on different websites and forums.
It’s totally wrong!
At least your e-mail password must be unique.

IF you want to know the hack mechanics, it is very simple:

Hacker steals database of some forum, decrypt passwords (sometimes they are not even encrypted!). Thus he gets e-mail-password pairs and then checks their validity on e-mail servers. If a person uses same passwords for e-mail and hacked forum account, his/her e-mail becomes easy target for the hacker. Moreover, some people have the same logins for e-mail and game accounts, which makes the hack even easier.
It's up to you to secure your e-mail account!

Don't think it doesn't concern you, take precautions in advance!

So to prevent your account hack you need to use UNIQUE passwords for your e-mail and game accounts. This mostly affects your forums, blogs etc. passwords, because they are totally unprotected. If you use unique password for your e-mail, the risk of its being hacked is minimal. We strongly recommend that you change them right now, because you may not even remember where you used your usual password before. And maybe it’s already being checked by the hacker.
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