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Top Up via WebMoney [FAQ]


Question: What is WebMoney?

WebMoney Transfer — the global settlement system and environment for online business activities.
You may finf detailed information on the official web-page

Question: How to use WebMoney?

You may register an account in the system ( and use special WebMoney interface.

Interface installing and setting up is included in the registration procedure, just follow the instructions.

You may find FAQ in English in WM Help Desk
For Technical Support visit the Contacts page.

Question: How to put money on WebMoney account?
After you registered a Purse in WebMoney system, you may put money on it by one of the following ways:

Question: How to donate via WebMoney?
1. First you need to log in you account control panel on RPG-club RUSSIAN webpage -

2. Then proceed to the "Получить Монеты" section-

3. Make sure the correct server is chosen in the top menu!

4. Write\choose in the corresponding fields:
- Char nick.
- Number of donation coins you want to pay for.
- In "Платежная система" field you should choose WMZ Purse. (more info about Purses
5. When you click "Пожертвовать на развитие" button you move to

6. Confirm paying via Merchant WebMoney and click "Продолжить".

7. After you move to site choose payment method.

8. Then follow the instructions on the page. (NOTE you may switch language to English there)
After payment confirmation you'll have donation coins on your character in few minutes.
Char must be logged out or it will be disconnected.


Question: Donation coins didn't appear on the char. What should I do?
You must need to wait few more minutes.
If donation coins do not appear on your char for a long period of time, you may submit a ticket to support (, providing:

1. Server:

2. Char nick:

3. Payment method: WebMoney

4. Date and time of the payment:...

5. Sum in $:...

6. Donation coins number:...


1. Server: USSR х15
2. Char nick: Player
3. Payment method: WebMoney

4. Date and time of the payment: 01.01.2011
5. Sum in $: 50
6. Donation coins number: 1500

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