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Connection to game servers [FAQ]


Connection to game servers [FAQ]

You may find all necessary files in the Download section on our website.

There you will also find detailed instructions on game client installation and update procedures.


Question: Can I use another Freya High Five client?


Yes, you can use Lineahe 2 H5 game client downloaded from another source, but its update will take more time.

You will need to delete system folder before the update to make it fully-functional.

Choose «Full check» option in the updater.


Question: Can I use earlier game client (for example, Gracia Final)?


No. Even if you manage to run the game you will suffer a lot of bugs with items, skill, locations etc.

We strongly advise you to download Freya High Five client from our website.


Question: I cannot update the client with updater, what should I do?


If for some reason you cannot use UPDATER, you may download RPG-club PATCH with all latest updates.

The patch can also be found in the Download section on our website.


Question: Updater causes Initialization Error, what should I do?


1. Install SP2 for your operating system and Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (x86)
2. Run the updater again.

If you use an unlicensed operating system, download and install dotnetfx.exe - 22.4 MB


Question: Updater causes Runtime Error, what should I do?


Delete system folder and run the updater again.

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