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End-user License Agreement (RPG-club server rules)


End-user License Agreement

 20 NOVEMBER 2017

 This document contains the terms and conditions governing the relationship between RPG-Club "Russia" (hereinafter referred to as ”Administration”) and an individual, i.e. "User":


1. General Provisions

1.1 Under the terms of this Agreement, Administration shall mean the online platform designed for providing Users with the possibility to open and manage their Accounts, as well as with access to the game projects located thereon and available on the Internet at rpg-club.org, as well as other elements specified in this Agreement.

All payments for services are carried out through the project site rpg-club.org and connected payment services (UnitPay, G2A, PaymentWall).

1.2 By accepting the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the User confirms that:

- he or she concludes the Agreement on a voluntary basis, consciously, without any compulsion by Administration and/or third parties;

- he or she is competent and legally capable and has the right to conclude this Agreement;

- he/she has the technical ability to use the Game;

- information submitted by the User in connection with his or her use of Services is reliable, doesn’t violate any third party rights;

- the User guarantees that he or she shall personally execute this Agreement; shall not assign any rights and/or obligations arising out of this Agreement to any third parties or involve any third parties as co-executors ;

- the User confirms that, while concluding this Agreement, he or she accepts all the terms and conditions specified herein, without any exceptions and/or provisos.


1.3 This Agreement shall be concluded by pressing ”Accept” button during registration process, which confirms the User’s consent to conclusion of this Agreement without any provisos and/or exceptions and to compliance with all its terms and conditions. This Agreement shall be considered concluded and effective upon input by the User of all necessary information required for its conclusion and due performance, as well as, if applicable, upon activation of the link submitted in the email specified by the User upon his orher registration.

1.4 If the legislation of the state on the territory of which the User is located contains restrictions and / or a ban on the use of services provided in accordance with this Agreement, the User is solely responsible for non-compliance with the requirements of such legislation.

1.5 The User acknowledges and understands that in order to use Services he ‘ she shall read the Privacy Policy containing the terms and conditions of User data processing and accept the terms and conditions of the document specified above without any exceptions or provisos.

The Privacy Policy is an inseparable part of this Agreement.


 2. Terms used in the Agreement

2.1 Agreement - agreement on the provision of the Services (this document), including any Annexes thereto, as well as information posted by the Administration on the Administration Resources and regulating the legal relationships of the parties regarding the use of the Game, the rights and obligations of the User in connection with participation in the Game Process, and information describing the Game, incl. its rules, conditions, restrictions.

2.2 Annex - a document relating to the Agreement and is an integral part of it.

2.3 User - an individual who has passed the registration procedure in the Game and has concluded this Agreement with the Administration by joining to it.

2.4 Game Client - the software needed to run the Game.

2.5 Game — online multiplayer role-playing game «Lineage 2», which is a collection of software and databases, including the Game Client. Elements of Game include: object code, separate software instances, instructions; any name, incl. names of places, locations, etc; the script of the Game and its parts; texts, fonts, dubbing, visual series, interfaces, etc.

2.6 Game process - actions and relationships between Users and / or Administration when using the Game in accordance with its purpose, conditions and Rules..

2.7 Login and Password - two unique character sets created by the User to access the site rpg-club.org or when completing registration procedure in another way for its subsequent identification when using the Game. The login and password are collectively recognized by the Parties as an analogue of the User's own signature when signing the Agreement and / or processing notices, transmitting information, etc. under the Agreement.

2.8 Registration data - information about the User provided by them in the process of registration on the site rpg-club.org or during the registration procedure in another way, including Login, Password, e-mail address of the User. Registration data are used in the execution of the Agreement to confirm the identity of the User who provided the Login and Password. The provision of mandatory Registration Data is an essential condition for the conclusion of the Agreement; the provision of other registration data according to the optional fields of the registration form is an essential condition for the identification of the User's identity in the execution of the Agreement.

2.9 Services - a set of entertainment services provided by providing access to an online multiplayer role-playing game via the Internet, aimed at organizing and maintaining the game process, the description of which is contained in paragraph 3.1. of the Agreement.

2.10 Resources of the Administration:








2.12 Registration procedure - a set of actions of an individual, necessary for entering into the Agreement. The registration procedure can only be carried out through the site rpg-club.org. The registration procedure shall include (but not be limited to) the following steps:

- Acquaintance with this Agreement.

- Agreement with the terms of this Agreement (confirmation of consent with the User Agreement is carried out by putting a "check" sign opposite "I have read the terms and apply for the conclusion of the User Agreement").

- Conclusion of the Agreement and the entry into force of the Agreement when the Administration confirms the possibility of the User's participation in the Game Process on the Game.

- Specifying the contact email address of the User in the corresponding field.

- Receiving a link to the user's specified e-mail address to continue registration.

- Going by the specified link and select a unique Password.

2.13 Individual Account — the method used to register payment and statistical information, as well as the data on mutual settlements between Administration and User, on services provided to the User, on the amount of advance payments not used by the User and other information substantial for the Parties. Individual Account shall be directly connected with the Login.


3. Description of services

3.1 In accordance with this Agreement, the Administration provides the following Services:

- access to information, other materials, results of intellectual activity posted on the Resources of the Administration, for the purpose of viewing, reading, listening, etc .;

- organization of information exchange between Users (forums, chat rooms, etc.);

- organization and maintenance of the game process.

3.2 Administration provides access to the Services to Users exclusively on the Resources of the Administration. All other ways of obtaining Users access to the Services are recognized as unlawful actions that violate the provisions of this Agreement.

3.3 Services are provided around the clock, except for downtimes aimed at the maintenance of the Games, forums, chats, equipment or the improvement of the Administration Services. Notification about such maintenance downtimes is posted by the Administration on the Resources of the Administration. The user undertakes to familiarize himself with such information. The Administration may, at its sole discretion, post the information specified in this paragraph on one or more of the Resources of the Administration. At the same time, posting of information by the Administration on any of the Resources is considered to be the proper informing of the Users.


4. Terms and Conditions for depositing funds into Individual Account

4.1 The funds credited by the User to Individual Account shall be advance payments that may be used to pay for the services provided by Administration.

Prior to depositing funds into his or her Individual Account the User shall ensure that the services provided by Administration are available for him/her.

With respect to customers making purchases through G2A Pay services provider checkout, (i) the Privacy Policy of G2A Pay services provider shall apply to all payments and should be reviewed before making any purchase, and (ii) the G2A Pay services provider Refund Policy shall apply to all payments unless notice is expressly provided by the relevant supplier to buyers in advance. In addition the purchase of certain products may also require shoppers to agree to one or more End-User License Agreements (or "EULAs") that may include additional terms set by the product supplier rather than by Us or G2A Pay services provider. You will be bound by any EULA that you agree to.

4.2 The funds shall be credited on a noncash basis through payment systems and/or payment agents, the list of which is provided on the rpg-club.org website. The rpg-club.org website also contains descriptions of methods used to credit the funds into the Individual Account.

In case when the funds are deposited into the Individual Account by using other methods, through other payment systems and/or payment agents not specified on the rpg-club.org website, this shall not be considered a due deposit and shall not result in origination of any Administration’s liabilities. In this case, the User shall be responsible for all losses and damages incurred.

When you use G2A Pay services provided by G2A.COM Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "G2A Pay services provider") to make a purchase on our website, responsibility over your purchase will first be transferred to G2A.COM Limited before it is delivered to you. G2A Pay services provider assumes primary responsibility, with our assistance, for payment and payment related customer support. The terms between G2A Pay services provider and customers who utilize services of G2A Pay are governed by separate agreements and are not subject to the Terms on this website 

4.3 You may deposit only Russian rubles into your account. In case when payment is effected in any other currency, the conversion into Russian rubles shall be effected by the payment system (payment agent) at the rate of the payment system (payment agent), which was used by the User to deposit the funds into his/her account. Besides, a fee and/or other payments may be charged by the payment system (payment agent), while effecting the conversion for performance of such a transaction. Prior to any payment, the User shall read the currency conversion terms and conditions applied by the system chosen by the User to deposit the funds into his/her Individual Account.

4.4 The User shall, independently and for his/her own account, incur the costs associated with the transfer of funds to pay for the services, including possible deductions, levies, fees. The procedure used to determine the amount to be credited to the Individual Account less the deductions, fees and levies shall be stipulated by the respective payment system. The User shall independently read such information submitted by the respective payment system prior to making any payments.

G2A Pay services provider is primarily responsible for facilitating your payment. You are responsible for any fees, taxes or other costs associated with the purchase and delivery of your items resulting from charges imposed by your relationship with payment services providers or the duties and taxes imposed by your local customs officials or other regulatory body.

4.5 For the period of promotion (stimulating) activities, the Users may be granted bonuses (discounts) upon depositing the funds into their Individual Accounts (for example, in case when the funds are deposited into the Individual Account through a certain payment system (payment agent). Information and details of performance of such activities, including the procedure and restrictions on the use of bonuses (discounts) granted to the User, shall be available at the rpg-club.org website. Meanwhile, the amounts equal to the discounts, bonuses, prizes and/or awards granted by Administration to the User shall not be subject to payment as monetary funds, unless otherwise stipulated by the terms and conditions of the respective promotion (stimulating) event.

4.6 The funds from account may be used only to pay for the services provided by Administration . Descriptions of services are provided on the rpg-club.org website. The Services shall be provided to the Users, who are a party to the valid agreement in relation to such a service.

Within the framework of this Agreement, the service shall mean any entertainment services rendered by granting the access to the Game targeted at the organization and support of the game process, the detailed description of which is contained in the User Agreement for the respective Game.

We and/or entities that sell products on our website by using G2A Pay services are primarily responsible for warranty, maintenance, technical or product support services for those Products. We and/or entities that sell products on our website are primarily responsible to users for any liabilities related to fulfillment of orders, and EULAs entered into by the End-User Customer.


4.7 Payment for the services shall be effected within the limits of the amounts credited to the User’s Individual Account.

4.8 The services shall be considered provided upon the write off of funds from the Individual Account, irrespective of the User’s presence in the game, including the reasons, for which the User is absent in the game, unless otherwise specified in the description of the respective service.

The procedure for payment for the services may be changed for the duration of promotion (stimulating) activities in relation to the Users joining such an event (registered as a user). The terms and conditions for carrying out such activities shall be posted on the rpg-club.org website and/or on the page (web-site) of the respective game and/or within the Game. The User shall read such information independently.

4.9 The services shall be paid for by means of writing off the funds from the User’s Individual Account. The write off shall be performed in case when the User purchases in accordance with the rules and terms and conditions of the Game, within the Game Process, of virtual items, as well as in case of performance of other acts and/or order of other options.

By pressing ”Buy” button or any other similar button in the interface of the respective Game and game resource, the User irrevocably authorizes Administration to immediately write off the funds from the User’s Individual Account as the payment for respective services.

For customer service inquiries or disputes, You may contact us by support.rpg-club.org or email at info@l2russia.com.

Questions related to payments made through G2A Pay services provider payment should be addressed to support@g2a.com.

Where possible, we will work with You and/or any user selling on our website, to resolve any disputes arising from your purchase.


5. Rights and Obligations of Administration

5.1 The Administration undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the Registration Data and other data about the User, except as provided by applicable law.

5.2 The Administration undertakes to provide the User with the opportunity to receive information about changes in the Agreement and its Appendices, the list, procedure and conditions for providing the Services.

5.3 The Administration undertakes to ensure the proper quality of the Services.

5.4 The Administration reserves the right to take any measures that are not inconsistent with the applicable law to restrict or terminate access to the Resources of persons who violate the terms of this Agreement.

5.5 The Administration has the right to remove and / or modify any data, information, results of intellectual activity posted on the Resources of the Administration, including Users.

5.6 The Administration has the right, in accordance with applicable law, to terminate or restrict the provision of the Services by blocking (deleting) the User's account in the Game unilaterally terminate this Agreement with the User's notification on the same day, unless otherwise provided by this Agreement.

5.7 The administration is not obliged to produce evidence proving the validity of the application of sanctions provided for by this User Agreement and / or its Annexes, if the User violates the terms of this Agreement, as well as its Annexes.


6. User’s Rights and Obligations

6.1 he User has the right to use the Services for personal non-commercial purposes.

6.2 Upon passing the Registration Procedure, the User undertakes to provide accurate and up-to-date information by filling out the registration form in the cases provided for in the Administration Resources.

6.3 If there are appropriate grounds, the User agrees to immediately make changes to the Registration Data.

6.4 The User agrees to comply with the Game Rules, in accordance with Annex No. 1 to this Agreement, and also to comply with other requirements of the Administration for participation in the Game Process, posted on the Resources of the Administration.

6.5 The User shall have the right (through the web-site) to obtain access to all the data on his/her Individual Account, including at any time to check the state (balance) of his/her Individual Account after the authorization (by entering the due login and password).

6.6 The User shall have the right to obtain information on all transactions (funds credited to and/or debited from his/her Individual Account) after his/her authorization.

6.7 The User shall use only legal methods to pay for the Services, which do not breach the laws of the country, in the jurisdiction of which he/she is located. The User guarantees that he/she has the right to use payment funds used by him/her to pay for the Services. Administration shall not be liable for any possible damage to any third parties and/or other Users caused as a result of the use by the User of any funds not owned by him/her.


6.8 The User undertakes not to engage in any of the following activities:

- change or create any derivative products on the basis of the Game or any its element (including audiovisual sequence and source code), including translation or localization;

- copy the Game and its elements, except for the cases explicitly provided for by this Agreement;

- divide the Game and/or its elements into components;

- disclose the technology, decompile, disassemble or by any other means try to obtain the source code of the Game, make any changes to the source code, modify the functionality of the Game;

- distribute, complicate, sell, sublicense, lease or rent, mortgage, commercially benefit from its use or dispose thereof (including without any commercial benefit) by any other means not specified by the Agreement;

- remove any signs and/or information, including copyright signs, individualization means, technical protection tools;

- copy, distribute, broadcast, publish or otherwise use the information and / or results of intellectual activity posted on the Resources of the Administration, without the written permission of the Administration;

- use software errors (and must promptly report them to the Administration), interfere with the program code, gain unauthorized access to the computer system, access, without the proper permission of the Administration, access to the database of users of the game or materials;

- create additional Game elements, both not provided, and provided by its object code and script;

- transfer rights and / or obligations under this agreement, incl. transfer to third parties the right (opportunity) to use the account of the User;

- take any actions aimed at damaging the Resources of the Administration, obtaining unauthorized opportunities (access) to the Resources of the Administration.

6.9 The User is obliged, in case of necessity of fulfillment of any actions connected with participation in the Game Process, to make sure that he enters into a legal relationship with an authorized representative of the Administration.

Communication with the authorized representatives of the administration is carried out through the system of client support support.rpg-club.org support.rpg-club.org

6.10 The User shall independently ensure non-disclosure (confidentiality) of data stored on his/her Individual Account, including data on the access to the Individual Account, and shall be liable for his/her failure to preserve such data, or for their disclosure, by any means.

6.11 The User shall use only legal methods to pay for the Services, which do not breach the laws of the country, in the jurisdiction of which he/she is located. The User guarantees that he/she has the right to use payment funds used by him/her to pay for the Services. Administration shall not be liable for any possible damage to any third parties and/or other Users caused as a result of the use by the User of any funds not owned by him/her.

6.12 Hereby the User agrees to receive advertising messages from Administration and/or to view the advertisements without any additional notices, as well as to receive any other information connected with the use of Services.

6.13 In case of questions and problems related to the Game and the Game Process, including technical issues, the User applies to the technical support atsupport.rpg-club.org

6.14 When contacting technical support, the User must create a message in a special form placed within the system support.rpg-club.org, with a detailed description of the problem.

6.15 In case of contacting the technical support service, the User must provide the technical support specialist with complete and reliable Registration data, incl. identifying his personality. In the event that the User provides incomplete Registration Data, or if the Registration Data causes doubts about their authenticity and belonging to the person who applied for technical support,the technical support specialist has the right to request additional information from the User. The Technical Support Service shall send a response to the User within 10 days from the date of receipt of the User's application and complete and reliable Registration Data. The time can be increased, depending on the nature of the issue, which the User is notified about additionally.


7. Guarantees

The User understands and agrees that:

7.1 The User shall use Services at his/her own risk. Service is provided ”as is”.

7.2 Administration doesn’t guarantee that:

- Service will comply with the User’s requirements;

- Service will be provided uninterruptedly, quickly, reliably and without any errors;

- the results that can be obtained using the Services will be accurate and reliable;

- quality of information, data, drawings etc. posted on Resources of Administration will correspond to the expectations of the User.

7.3 Administration shall not be liable for any damage, direct or indirect, caused not through its fault as a result of:

- use or impossibility to use Resources of Administration or information posted thereon;

- unauthorized access to personal information of the User;

- statement or behavior of any third party on the Resources of the Administration.

7.4 No information or data posted on the Resources of the Administration by third parties can be regarded as a reliable and / or official source of information. Administration is not liable for indirect losses or other costs that the User may incur due to the use of information provided by third parties.

7.5 Administration shall not be liable for any temporary malfunctioning and functionality interruptions of Services, for any temporary malfunctioning and interruptions in the operation of communication lines, other similar malfunctioning, as well as for any malfunctioning of the PC, from which the User accesses Internet.

7.6 The User or their legal representatives agrees to independently monitor the health status and not use the Services / restrict their use if there are any contraindications.


8. Intellectual property rights

8.1 The User agrees that any information that is legally located on the Administration Resources belongs to the Administration, regardless of who posted it. The User confirms that any actions with such information, as well as its use, are possible only with the written consent of the Administration in the manner established by the Administration, unless otherwise provided by the current legislation.

8.2 This Agreement does not grant the User any exclusive rights to intellectual property placed on the Resources of the Administration.

8.3 For the purpose of protection of the rights for intellectual activity results, receipt of statistical data, performance of its obligations to the User, as well as for the purposes of ensuring safety (prevention of ”break-ins”, hacker attacks etc.) and due performance of Services, Game and software and firmware necessary for due functioning of game projects, Administration shall have the right to use technical tools and methods for protection of intellectual activity results and information. Administration shall also be authorized to obtain information, including on User’s geographical location for the purposes of determination of the User’s location, on the PC use and its components etc., as describes, and only in accordance with the objectives stipulated by the Personal Data Privacy Policy.


9. Other Provisions

9.1 All Annexes, changes and/or additions to this Agreement are its integral part.

9.2 Inaction on the part of the Administration in the event of a violation by Users of the provisions of this Agreement, and also of the Annexes thereto, does not deprive the Administration of the right to take appropriate actions in defense of their interests at a later date, nor does it mean the Administration's refusal from its rights in the event of subsequent similar or similar violations.

9.3 The parties are exempted from liability for full or partial default of obligations, if such non-fulfillment is caused by force majeure ("force majeure"), that is extraordinary and unavoidable by the Parties under the given circumstances. Such circumstances include riots, decisions of public authorities, natural disasters, fires, disasters, power outages, global disruptions in the work of Russian and international segments of the Internet, failures of routing systems, failures in the distributed system of domain names, failures caused by hacker and DDOS attacks. If it is impossible for the Parties to fulfill their obligations under this Agreement to exceed two (2) months, the Parties are entitled to terminate this Agreement without compensation for possible losses.

9.4 All notices and Information during the term of the Agreement may be sent by the User in the manner provided in 6.15. In the event that the Administration grants the User the opportunity to send notifications through the Resources of the Administration, the User has the right to send such notices and Information in the proposed manner provided that the User is obligatorily identified.At the same time, the Administration is entitled to receive from the User any additional confirmations, information and information (including from the Register data) for making a decision regarding the User's request. Another way of sending Information or notifications (notices, etc.) is considered inadequate. All of the User's proposals for this Agreement are forwarded to the Administration in the manner specified in this clause of the Agreement.

9.5 All electronic documents (Information), notifications and expression of will, issued or carried out remotely in the manner provided in .9.4. and other items of this Agreement, shall be recognized by the Parties as committed in writing properly.

9.6 This Agreement may be terminated by Administration at any time on a unilateral extrajudicial basis without prior notification of the User in case when the User breaches this Agreement and/or other agreements concluded by him/her with Administration and/or terms and conditions of agreements incorporated into this Agreement by reference.

9.7 This Agreement may be changed and/or amended by Administration without any prior notice at any time within its validity period. The edited version of the agreement shall be available to the User on the Web-Site.

9.8 The User shall have the right to terminate this Agreement at any time by notification of Administration not less than ten business days prior to the expected termination.

9.9 The Administration has the right to assign the rights and obligations under this Agreement to third parties or to entrust to third parties the full or partial provision of the Services (collection of payments).

9.10 This Agreement is valid for 6 (six) months from the effective date or, if such a date comes earlier, is valid until the date of termination of the license agreement with the User. The Agreement shall be prolonged automatically for the same period in case when neither Party announces its termination.


10. Contact Information of the Administration

Communication with the authorized representatives of the administration is carried out through the system of client support support.rpg-club.org

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