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Account registration


User account registration

Registration of a new account with project is available at:

Registering an account allows you to access all services provided by project, including access to Lineage 2 game servers and the functions of My Account control panel on the project website.

You can register an unlimited number of accounts on the project.

The account allows you to enter the game on all servers by rpg-club, both existing and newly opening, regardless of the chronicles of Lineage 2 game. If you already have an account on, it is not necessary to register a new one to play on a new server (except cases of account bans).

To access the game by several characters at the same time, they must be on different accounts. Accordingly, if you plan to play in multiple windows/boxes, you need to register multiple accounts. We remind you that the servers may have restrictions on the number of simultaneously loaded accounts.

Registration data

Account name / login - this is your main user ID on project. The account name is used as a login to connect to the game servers of the club, as well as to access My Account control panel on the project website. Do not use an account name that matches your known nicknames, display name on forums, character nicknames on your account, e-mail username.

Registration e-mail address the email address to which your account is linked. Most of the actions to change your account data require confirmation by sending a respective e-mail message. We strongly recommend that you make sure that you have full, exclusive access to the registration e-mail address, and that it is reliably protected from unauthorized access.

ATTENTION! Use a unique password to access your e-mail address, which is not used on any other internet resources. This will help protect both your game and private data.
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Password – the password is automatically generated by the system when registering an account. Please remember or keep your password in a safe place. You can always change the password to the one you want in My Account control panel on the project website. Never use your date of birth, your known nicknames, phone number or other personal information that is easy to find out as a password.

ATTENTION! We remind you that Administrators and GMs never ask for the password to your account, neither in the game, nor on forums, nor anywhere else. If someone turns to you, posing as a representative of the administration, and requires you to provide access to your account, this is a scam. Please immediately report such cases to the project administration via the support request form!

In My Account control panel you can also set a separate password to enter the game. If it is not set, then the account password is used to enter the game.

We strongly recommend that you enable and configure IP protection to better protect your account.

We remind you that by registering an account on the project, you confirm that you have read the User Agreement, the list of Violations and Sanctions, as well as the Privacy Policy 


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