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Premium Account


Premium Account

Premium subscription for game accounts is available on a paid basis in the My Account control panel on rpg-club.org website.

Bonuses of a Premium Account apply to all game servers by RPG-Club, both existing and newly opened, as well as to all characters on the account.

Account bonuses

  • Additional windox/box functionality - you will be able to simultaneously load additional windows into the game in excess of the current limit set on the server at that time.
  • Special Proxy - redirecting game traffic through specialized servers with the best ping. PA does not provide advantages in the queue of connection to game servers, however, it significantly reduces the likelihood of lags.

Characters bonuses

PA bonuses for characters can include increased game EXP and SP gain, increased chance and amound game items drop, etc.

PA bonuses may vary significantly on different RPG-Club game servers.

You can find information about bonuses for a specific server in its description on the project website or forum.

As the server develops, as well as during special and holiday promotions, PA bonuses may change. These changes affect both active and newly purchased subscriptions.

If during special promotions (for example, OBT of new servers) there are periods of free PA for all accounts, paid subscriptions expiration period is extended by the respective number of days.

In cases of prolonged downtime, that is, complete and general unavailability of game servers, paid subscriptions expiration period is extended by the respective number of days.

If an account with PA is banned as a result of a player's violation of the game rules, the time or cost of the subscription is not refunded or compensated.

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