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Ways to get RUR


Ways to get RUR

While RUR is considered primarily a donation currency, there are many ways to get RUR for free on the project by taking part in various creative contests, promotions and giveaways:


1. Permanent creative event New Times Chronicle 

Reward up to 1000 RUR for a coverage!

Link to the event rules and conditions:!/


2. Seasonal, holiday and pre-start contests and promotions on RPG-Club's forum

Along with RUR, you can get other valuable prizes and benefits!

Link to Art and Contests forum section:


3. Weekly creative contests and quizzes on RPG-Club's forum

Reward up to 1000 RUR for an entry!

Link to RPG-contests section (RU forums only):


4. Daily contests and giveaways in RPG-Club's social media




5. Daily giveaways in RPG-Club's  Discord channel

Link to Discord server invitation:


6. Game streams on RPG-Club's servers

In addition to the RUR reward, your stream will also be posted on the main page of the site - increase the number of subscribers!

Link to the rules for streamers:


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