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Account access transfer


Account access transfer

By giving access to your game account to other people, you take full responsibility for everything that can happen to it (scam, ban, change of e-mail and loss of control over the account, etc.).

If more than one person has access to the account, the administration reserves the right to refuse to consider any appeals for the above situations.


Selling/buying game accounts/characters

The sale of game accounts/characters for adena or donation currency is not prohibited, however, the administration does not encourage such transactions and equates them to account sharing, that is, disclaims any responsibility for everything that may subsequently happen to the accounts/characters involved in the transaction ( ban, scam, etc.)

The support service does not consider requests for rollback of such transactions, that is, it does not return accounts, characters, or money spent.

This rule also applies to the exchange of accounts.

ATTENTION! Selling game valuables / accounts / characters for real currency is prohibited and punishable by a permanent ban of game accounts of both the seller and the buyer!


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