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Annex No 1 to End-user License Agreement


Annex No 1

to End-user License Agreement


12 DECEMBER 2017


1. General Provisions

1.1 Game website — www.rpg-club.org

1.2 The Game website is at the same time a description and a guide to using the Game.

1.3 The elements of the Game posted on the Game website are:

- data, information;

- results of intellectual activity, incl. photographic images, graphics, drawings, works in visual, audio and / or audiovisual, or other form;

- means of individualization of persons, products, works, services, including logos, trademarks, service marks, trade names;;

- software including Game Client.

1.4 Language of communication when using the game Services: Russian / Translit / English.

1.5 RPG-Club Updater — the software required to obtain access and use the functionality of Services, i.e. necessary to ensure the technical possibility to insrall Game Client and maintenance of the access to the Game.

Access to the Game Game process is possible exclusively through RPG-Club Updater.


2. Subject of Regulation

2.1 This document establishes the Rules, solely under the observance of which the User is entitled to use the Services in order to participate in the Game Process.

2.2 In accordance with the terms of these Rules, the Administration grants the User the opportunity to use the Game around the clock, except for the time of carrying out maintenance and other circumstances preventing the User from accessing the Game.


3. Other Provisions

3.1 The User shall guarantee that the equipment and communication means used by him/her, including carrier services, are sufficient and proper for the use of the Game.

3.2 Administration does not return the game valuables lost due to loss of access to the account by the User. However, the Administration may, at its discretion, return the game valuables lost by the User in the event of an error, failure, hacking or other malfunction of the server software.

3.3 Administration does not exchange game valuables for real money.


4. User’s Rights and Obligations

4.1 When registering, the User chooses his nickname, login, password, which will identify the User among other Users of Services. The User is obliged to provide the Administration with reliable Registration Data.

4.2 With the permission of the Administration, the User has the right to change his password. The User shall independently ensure non-disclosure (confidentiality) of data stored on his/her Individual Account, including data on the access to the Individual Account, and shall be liable for his/her failure to preserve such data, or for their disclosure, by any means.

4.3 The user has the right to register two or more characters.

4.4 The User is obliged, in case of necessity of fulfillment of any actions connected with participation in the Game Process, to make sure that he enters into a legal relationship with an authorized representative of the Administration.

Communication with the authorized representatives of the administration is carried out through the system of client support support.rpg-club.org support.rpg-club.org

4.5 The user does not have the right to "resell" the services rendered by the Administration to third parties and to extract from them any other benefit.

4.6 User has no right to distribute information aimed at illegally obtaining passwords to access characters in the game, and distribute links to sites with such information.

4.7 The User undertakes to respectfully and correctly treat other Users and the Administration of the Game.

The following infractions are forbiden:

- inappropriate in-game behavior, such as obscene, offensive, or racist talk or behavior; abuse of another player; harassment; etc.

- advertising directly or indirectly porn sites, drugs and resources containing such information, including but not limited to: materials with pornographic images of minors and / or ads on the involvement of minors as performers for participating in entertainment events of a pornographic nature, not to publish information on the methods of development, manufacture and use of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, places of acquisition of such funds, substances and their precursors, about the ways and places of cultivation of narcotic plants, not to publish information on the methods of committing suicide, as well as incitement to commit suicide, as well as perform other similar actions.

4.8 The user is prohibited from disseminating information that is untrue (rumors, slander) about the game service of the Game, the Administration, the staff of the Administration and other Users. It is forbidden to use terminology in the names and titles of game characters, implying the player's / game guild's endowment with administrative functions, or impersonate the Administration's representatives.

4.9 It's forbidden to use in-game chat to an excessive degree ("spamming").S ending such messages is allowed at intervals: one identical message per minute.

4.10 The User has no right to restrict access of other Users to the Game or to prevent other Users from using the Game. It is forbidden to interfere with the gameplay for other players, mechanically restricting their access to a location or an NPC. It is forbidden by any actions to cause critical errors for other players.

4.11 The User undertakes not to transfer any information or software that contains viruses or other harmful components, or perform other actions that are contrary to the applicable law or international law.

4.12 The user is prohibited from posting on the Administration Resources information of an advertising nature.

4.13 The user is not allowed to use the game values and / or gaming advantages that were obtained by him as a result of violation by the third parties (Users) of these Rules.

4.14 It is prohibited to disclose confidential or false information about another User.

4.15 It is prohibited to sell, buy, exchange, transfer, receive registration information necessary for access to the Game, for real-world currency.

4.16 It's forbidden to use in character and pet name as well as in clan and alliance name and symbols any expressions or images violating these rules, use obscene vocabulary and insults in the titles of characters.

4.17 It is prohibited to use software that emulates the player's presence in the Game, replacing the standard Game Client approved by the Administration, except for using the trade bot bot.rpg-club.org for the purposes of in-game trading.

4.18 It is forbidden to use software that disrupts the normal operation of the server software or interfere with the exchange of information (data packets) between the server and the client..

4.19 It is forbidden to resort to hacking, attempting to crack and / or intercepting data coming to the server or from the server, and also deliberately bypass the restrictions implemented by the Administration (box limits, HWID ban etc.).

4.20 The user is not allowed to benefit from bugs (server malfunctions, game errors), including problems with the geodata. It is forbidden to use the similarity of textures of game objects, as well as similar nicknames to deceive other players.

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